50th Birthday Party Ideas For Men

By | July 5, 2013

50th birthday party ideas for men can be very unique and memorable with various themes as well as creativity. Some great examples of these ideas include the favourite hobby party, back in time party, as well as photo book party.

50 Birthday Party Ideas

A man’s 50th birthday is an important event, especially since it is such a milestone. A common theme for milestone birthdays is an over-the-hill party with gag gifts, black crepe paper and chocolate cake with black icing. Whether you are looking for a 50th birthday party idea for your husband, father, brother, uncle, significant other or friend, creative party and gift ideas will make his birthday unforgettable.

50th Birthday Ideas For Men

One fun way of reminiscing is to have a flashback theme to a certain era in the birthday boy’s life, such as his childhood or teen years. You could have a ’50s theme, dress in ’50s attire, and play ’50s music. You could have an old-fashioned sundae bar and serve malts and other ’50s-style fountain drinks. For decor, decorate the room like a ’50s sock hop by lining the walls with records and renting or buying an inflatable jukebox. Another fun theme is to create a timeline with photos of major events in history, beginning with the year the guest of honour was born.

50th Birthday Ideas

For a man’s fiftieth, you can pick his favourite hobby and centre your theme on that. If he loves to fish, for example, have a fishing-themed party. Decorate with fishing paraphernalia. Serve shrimp cocktails and crab dip for appetizers. For a game, play a fishing game where you have people use a fishing pole and “fish” for prizes behind a screen. Other fun themes can centre on cars, golf or any other male hobby of the birthday boy.

50th Birthday Party Ideas For Men

Another great way to celebrate a 50th birthday is by presenting the birthday boy with a memory book of pictures accumulated throughout his life. Create these online in digital form at places such as Shutterfly.com or Flickr.com, or hand-make a scrapbook. Include pictures, quotes and memories of the guest of honour. If you plan ahead, you can request that party guests each make a scrapbook page and send it to you beforehand so you can assemble it. Then, you can present the memory book at the party.


An excellent and simple 50th birthday theme is pictures. You can use pictures as decorations, entertainment and even gifts. Enlarge and hang pictures on the walls, use them as centrepieces on the tables, and create bulletin boards at the entryway. You can also enlarge a meaningful photo in a matte frame for the guests to sign and leave their birthday wishes. As entertainment, assemble a slide show that can play throughout the evening with pictures of his life.

Ideas For 50th Birthday Party

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