40th Birthday Party Ideas

By | July 14, 2013

40th birthday party ideas can be very exciting and memorable for marking a milestone in a person’s life. Some great ideas for this kind of party include the “This is Your Life” themed party, wine themed party, four decade themed party as well as the Roast themed party.

40th Birthday Party Decorations

When an individual turns forty years old, it is often seen as a monumental occasion, especially due to countless “over the hill” aging jokes and the old adage that says that “life begins at forty.” Due to these factors, organizing fortieth birthday parties can often be intimidating and stressful. However, there are a lot of different and enjoyable ideas for putting together a memorable celebration.

40th Birthday Party Idea

“This Is Your Life” was the name of a documentary television show that detailed the lives of individuals from the past to present. A “This Is Your Life” theme birthday party is a nostalgic way to take a forty year-old celebrant on a trip down memory lane alongside friends and family. Some ideas for decor include old photographs, high school awards and trophies and college memorabilia. For activities, play games that were popular during the person’s school years. If at all possible, invite the 40-year-old’s high school teacher to talk about the past.

40th Birthday Party Ideas For Men,

Throwing a four decades party is an inspired way to celebrate a person’s fortieth. Many major changes can occur on the planet during four decades. Decor should span the entirety of the four decades, and all of the fixtures and foods should represent specific time periods. For example, represent the 1980s with items introduced to the world during that time frame, such as the compact disc and the VCR. Create collages of iconic items of each of the four decades to depict that time of the forty year-olds life.

40th Birthday Party Ideas

A 40th birthday can sometimes be depressing to some people as they dread the idea of being considered middle-aged. One of the ways to combat that feeling is with a roast of the guest of honour at the birthday party. Choose a small group of friends and family members to each speak about the guest of honour and make jokes at everyone’s expense. Make sure the jokes are all in good fun, and put the guest of honour in a special chair in a centrally located area in the room so everyone can see her reactions to the jokes.

40th Birthday Party

Renting out a winery for an elegant wine tasting and dinner is a classy way to celebrate a wine lover’s 40th birthday. If the winery does not have a restaurant, consider catering from the guest of honour’s favourite restaurant. Talk to the chef about making the dinner themed to the birthday person’s special day. If your budget allows, have your chef create 40 different one-bite appetizers for guests to try with a focus on the guest of honour’s favourite foods.

Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas

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