19th Birthday Party Ideas

By | July 24, 2013

There are various 19th birthday party ideas which are very interesting and exciting for celebrating a young adult’s birthday. Some creative examples include the Mexican fiesta party, clubbing party, or even the casino party.

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Turning 19 means the last of one’s “teen” years and a great reason to celebrate. However, 19-year-olds are still too young to drink alcohol, but are too old to want a party that would be suitable for a younger person. Theme parties are a great way to celebrate a 19th birthday with a party the guest of honour is sure to remember for a lifetime.

19th Birthday Ideas

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A Mexican fiesta is a creative way to celebrate a 19th birthday. Invitations should include the date, time and location of the party. Decorations such as streamers, napkins and tablecloths should be bright colours. Purple, turquoise and yellow will give the feel of a traditional Mexican atmosphere. Mexican posters can also be hung on walls to complete the theme. Things like sombreros, maracas and chili pepper lights can be purchased at Oriental Trading Company to add to the decor. To entertain guests, make sure there is space for them to dance. In addition to the current popular music, include some traditional Mexican music as well. For food, a make-your-own taco bar is something guests will enjoy. Taco dip and chips can also be served for snacks. Soda and water can be served for drinks, but guests may also enjoy things like tropical fruit smoothies and virgin margaritas.

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You can never go wrong with great music coupled with a fun night of dancing and mingling in a night club. Reserve a table at your local 18-and-over nightclub, invite a few friends out and add them to your guest list so they can get in free of charge. Every club has different requirements to reserve a table so be sure to call management at the night club to inquire. Many nightclubs allow birthday guests with a reserved table to bring in a birthday cake and balloons to help celebrate your event.

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In many cities, there are few nightclubs that cater to19-year-olds. Use black lights to give your house party a dance club ambiance. Have your guests wear black light-active clothes such as white shirts, fluorescent head bands and other bright, colourful items. Supply guests with highlighters to write on their friend’s bodies and t-shirts. Guests can either choose to write messages or have backlight fights, ambushing each other with flailing markers. Alternately, use brightly coloured face paint to give each other pretty decorations. Play techno or other dance music and add strobe lights, disco balls or other lighting effects to create a nightclub feel. For a more rambunctious party, put down mats and have a few rounds of black light wrestling. The light effects will add to the rough and tumble fun.

19th Birthday Party Ideas

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