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By | August 1, 2013

Various birthday party ideas can be employed for various age groups. Some great examples for adult party ideas include the Mexican fiesta party ideas and also the casino party ideas. As for young children and teenagers, a pool party or a costume party will definitely be very enjoyable for them.

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There are indeed a wide array of birthday party ideas. Most of the time, they can be categorized into a few groups such as kids’ party ideas, teenage party ideas, as well as the adult party ideas. Adult birthday parties can be a blast if you choose the right theme and ideas. When deciding on ideas for the party, you have more freedom since you are dealing with adults only. When planning the birthday party, take into consideration who your guests are, their ages, likes and dislikes and open-mindedness, as some adult birthday parties can get wild. If the party is not a surprise, do not forget to ask the birthday guy or gal for input.

Birthday Parties Ideas

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You can really get diverse with a casino birthday party idea. Let guests know ahead of time about this idea. Make it is a black tie event. Encourage guests to wear suits and gowns. Set up different games. Have a roulette wheel, poker table or blackjack table. Offer prizes instead of money at each game station. Serve hors d’oeuvres and cocktails and do not forget the birthday cake.

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A Mexican fiesta adult birthday party encompasses all sorts of cool ideas. For snacks, offer tortilla chips and salsa or taco dip. For the main meal, put out all the fixings needed to make tacos: soft and hard shells, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, salsa and sour cream. Instead of birthday cake, decorate fried ice cream with different toppings, such as chocolate syrup, caramel, whipped cream and cherries. If your guests like alcohol, have different brands of tequila to drink, as well as margaritas. For fun, wrap little bottles of liquor in bubble wrap and put them inside a piñata. Guests take turns hitting the piñata while blindfolded and are pleasantly surprised at the contents of the piñata once it is broken open.

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As for teenage party, many teens enjoy large, co-ed dance parties. Dance parties tend to be loud and well-attended, so if you’re having a dance party at your home, alert your neighbours ahead of time to avoid causing offense. Make sure that you have an appropriate sound setup for your teen’s dance party. DJs often travel with their own sound system, so hiring a DJ may be advisable if you lack proper equipment. DJs also help to keep parties upbeat yet under control. However, if your teen wants to put together a dance mix of her own, you should let her, as she’ll have a better handle on her friends’ tastes than a stranger. Keep your teen’s guests hydrated by serving bowls of cold punch or warm apple cider. A buffet table of finger foods will allow guests to graze as necessary. Culminate the night with a huge, cooling ice cream cake.

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Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Costume parties encourage guests to loosen up and have fun. Even better, costume party themes can be adapted to suit just about any teen’s tastes. Boys may enjoy superhero or sports-themed costume parties, while girls may like dressing up as literary characters or people from past eras.

Birthday Party Ideas

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“Seventeen” magazine suggests having party guests dress up as their favourite songs or celebrities. Enhance the glamour of your teen’s costume party by serving mock tails, such as non-alcoholic daiquiris or Virgin Marys. Augment these with stylish hors d’oeuvres, such as crab puffs or cheese plates. End the evening with a flamboyant birthday dessert, such as Cherries Jubilee or Baked Alaska.

Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Birthday Party Ideas For Teenagers

Young children love water, sand and sun. A beach party is an entertaining way to celebrate your older toddler’s birthday. Have all your guests wear swimsuits and then fill one wading pool with sand and one with water. Decorate with inflatable beach balls and palm trees. Play Hawaiian music and give each child a plastic lei to wear. Games can include hula contests with buckets and shovels for prizes. For another good activity, get a grass skirt and take each child’s picture. Print out a 4X6 sized photograph on your digital photo printer. Set up a station with crayons, glue, safety scissors and construction paper and let each child decorate their own picture frame.

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