2nd Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

By | August 8, 2013

There are many different 2nd birthday party ideas for boys and if you want something truly unique, you can always come out with your own ideas using your own creativity. Some great examples of these ideas include the construction party, musical party as well as the fantasy land themed party.

2nd Birthday Ideas

Celebrating your little boy’s second birthday with a party for friends and family can be fun for all if you do it right. Plan a party or event around the activities your child is interested in and leave a lot of room for improvising, as two year-olds don’t have the longest attention span.

2nd Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

Generally, toddler boys find motion and construction fascinating. Cars, trucks, flying airplanes, tool sets and other toys that denote motion and construction are suitable for young boys. Plan a construction-themed party for your toddler boy using large dump trucks, blocks and floor puzzles. Avoid providing hard plastic tools at this age. Instead, opt for foam hammers and screwdrivers from your local toy store to keep play time safe. Fill large toy dump trucks with candy, cookies, and cupcakes along the food table for a creative centrepiece. Stack apple juice boxes in a creative pyramid in keeping with the theme of the party.

2nd Birthday Party Ideas

2nd Birthday Party Supplies

If you prefer a seated event, plan a fantasy land theme lunch for your little boy’s 2nd birthday. Cover the table with a bright yellow or orange coloured fabric. On top of the fabric, place a sheet of cellophane so that it covers the entire table surface. Next, use a hot glue gun to create gumball place mats for each guest. To achieve this, create a rectangular outline of a place mat using multi-coloured gumballs. In the centre of the table place broccoli heads and grape tomatoes as a garden. Next, fill a shallow bowl with blue candy and place goldfish shaped crackers throughout. Use your imagination to build an exotic land of finger food for your toddler’s big day.

2nd Birthday Party

Ideas For 2nd Birthday Party

Young kids love listening to music, so you can make music the theme of your 2-year-old’s birthday party. Decorate the walls with cut-outs of black music notes, include the phrase “Let’s make music together” on the invitation, and make sure to have music piping through the house as soon as the first kids start to come. The kids can play games like musical chairs, freeze dance, and “Name That Tune” with basic kid songs. Buy some singing birthday candles, and make the cake in the shape of a guitar or another musical instrument.

Second Birthday Party Ideas

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