Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

By | August 21, 2013

Birthday party ideas for adults can varies according to your preferences and liking. Many different ideas are available and you may even come out with your own creativity and make the party as unique and interesting as possible.

Birthday Party Themes For Adults

Adult birthday parties can be a blast if you choose the right theme and ideas. When deciding on ideas for the party, you have more freedom since you are dealing with adults only. When planning the birthday party, take into consideration who your guests are, their ages, likes and dislikes and open-mindedness, as some adult birthday parties can get wild. If the party is not a surprise, do not forget to ask the birthday guy or gal for input.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas

A Mexican fiesta adult birthday party encompasses all sorts of cool ideas. For snacks, offer tortilla chips and salsa or taco dip. For the main meal, put out all the fixings needed to make tacos: soft and hard shells, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, salsa and sour cream. Instead of birthday cake, decorate fried ice cream with different toppings, such as chocolate syrup, caramel, whipped cream and cherries. If your guests like alcohol, have different brands of tequila to drink, as well as margaritas. For fun, wrap little bottles of liquor in bubble wrap and put them inside a piñata. Guests take turns hitting the piñata while blindfolded and are pleasantly surprised at the contents of the piñata once it is broken open.

Adult Birthday Party Themes

You can really get diverse with a casino birthday party idea. Let guests know ahead of time about this idea. Make it is a black tie event. Encourage guests to wear suits and gowns. Set up different games. Have a roulette wheel, poker table or blackjack table. Offer prizes instead of money at each game station. Serve hors d’oeuvres and cocktails and do not forget the birthday cake.

Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Take your party on the road with a classic pub-crawl. Begin the party at a pub with good food, and make sure you and your guest’s fuel up for the long night. Plan your pub route, or let spontaneity guide the evening. Just make sure you have enough designated drivers to get everyone home at the end of the night.

Adults Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate your birthday and the arrival of spring or summer with an outdoor garden party. This kind of party can easily accommodate smaller or larger numbers. Have the party in your own garden or yard, or find a local botanical garden or park that allows large gatherings. If you have the party at home, decorate your yard with lanterns and twinkle lights to create a festive ambience. Prepare cold sandwiches and salads to serve for a lunchtime party, or prepare appetizers and snacks for an evening party. In keeping with the garden theme, you could ask your guests to bring plants and flowers instead of gifts, and you can start working on a new or fuller garden.

Theme Party Ideas For Adults

Men and women can share their outrageous adult birthday ideas in public by participating in an exotic dance performance. Find a local bar or nightclub that hosts amateur male or female strip contests. Enter to compete against other amateurs in a dance contest for prizes. Adults who are not comfortable dancing in public can host their own amateur strip night party with a small group of friends. Purchase a temporary dance pole from an adult novelty store. Place this pole in the middle of the dance floor at your party and take turns with other guests dancing to your favourite music.

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