3rd birthday party ideas

By | November 25, 2013

3rd birthday party ideas can be very creative and exciting as kids of this age tend to know better and they may enjoy better as well. Some interesting themes include the beach party, animal party, circus party as well as the Disney-related theme party.

3rd Birthday Party Ideas

For many children, the third birthday is the first time they really comprehend what birthdays are all about. It may also be the first time the child has more than just family members at the party. Consequently, parties for three-year-olds need to be fun without being overwhelming, short but not too short – at least 45 minutes but no more than two hours long – and an opportunity for a child to express his personality.

3rd Birthday Party Invitations

At the age of three, many kids are interested in everything farm related: from tractors to farm animals and things that grow in the ground. Toys including stuffed animals, plastic barnyard play sets, toy tractors and picture books reflect this interest. So a barnyard party is sure to be a hit. To make invitations, cut a barn shape out of card stock. Cut the shape of the barn doors on three sides and fold back so that they hinge outward. Glue white card stock to the back of the barn. Inside the door area, write the details of the party so that the child and her parents have to open the barn doors to read the details. On the day of the party, greet each visitor at the door dressed in overalls and wearing a straw hat. Party foods may include “hay” made of French fries and pigs in a blanket. You may want to rent animals for a petting zoo or simply have face painting to make each guest look like an animal.

3rd Birthday Party

Boys 3rd Birthday Party Ideas

Young children love water, sand and sun. A beach party is an entertaining way to celebrate your older toddler’s birthday. Have all your guests wear swimsuits and then fill one wading pool with sand and one with water. Decorate with inflatable beach balls and palm trees. Play Hawaiian music and give each child a plastic lei to wear. Games can include hula contests with buckets and shovels for prizes. For another good activity, get a grass skirt and take each child’s picture. Print out a 4X6 sized photograph on your digital photo printer. Set up a station with crayons, glue, safety scissors and construction paper and let each child decorate their own picture frame.

Third Birthday Party Ideas

3rd Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

With a wonderfully age-appropriate theme, circus parties offer children the opportunity to live out some of their wildest fantasies. They can come as lion tamers, tightrope walkers or acrobats. If you are feeling especially ambitious, you can take the children to the actual circus if it’s in town. If you stay at home, you can improvise games, such as walking a tightrope on the ground. The child who makes it across without stepping off the rope gets a prize.

3rd Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Moreover, you may also choose one Disney movie as a theme. A “Cinderella” party can feature missing shoes and crowns, while a “Lion King” party can have a safari theme. One of the biggest perks of these parties is that a Disney movie can calm down the party guests while they eat their ice cream and cake – preferably in the shape of the Disney character of honour.

Girls 3rd Birthday Party Ideas

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