Kids Birthday Party Ideas

By | December 20, 2013

Kids birthday party ideas can be as creative and you may implement various ideas so as to make it more fun and interesting. Some great examples include the mystery party ideas as well as the home themed party ideas.

Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Kids’ birthday parties can be a big undertaking. When you opt to hold the party at home, you need to plan appropriately for activities, decorations and food provided in your own kitchen or living room. With proper planning and forethought, you can put together a wonderful birthday party sure to please your children without ever having to head out to an expensive arcade or other party location.

Ideas For Kids Birthday Parties

When throwing a party at home, a fun theme for the event can help to transform your living room into a fun and exciting party environment. Look to your child’s interests for an appropriate theme. Is there a television or movie character that he loves? Little girls may enjoy a princess party or doll party while little boys might like a cowboy, astronaut or car-themed party. If you will have guests of both sexes, consider a theme that everyone can enjoy, such as a luau, fiesta, and jungle or under-the-sea theme. Give a hint as to the theme on the invitations so that guests know what to expect. You can then carry this theme through the decorations and activities.

Kid Birthday Party Ideas

Don’t worry about matching every little item, but rather focus on bigger decorative pieces. A large banner and posters will make a bigger impact than plates, cups and napkins that all fit the theme. Move the furniture in your home to the outskirts of the room in any areas where the party will be taking place to free up enough space for the guests to gather. Scatter balloons and streamers throughout the party space to create a festive atmosphere. You can often save money by opting for solid coloured plates and cups set out on a decorative tablecloth. You can even lay out a large piece of blank paper for the tablecloth and decorate it yourself or have the party guests decorate it. A themed birthday cake will act as a decoration. If you plan the party for the mid-afternoon, such as 2:00 to 4:00, you can avoid serving a full meal and instead stick to cake and ice cream or small snacks.

Kids Birthday Parties Ideas

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Another entertaining theme for your child’s party is to make the party a mystery party. In a mystery party, your child’s guests must find clues to determine who the perpetrator was of a horrible crime. This crime can be something silly like “the case of the missing cookie jar.” Create a mystery that is difficult enough to take more than a few minutes, but make sure it isn’t impossible either. Enlist the help of a few adults to play characters in the mystery like police officers or the victim of the crime. Create clues for the mystery and place them around the house or in the backyard. Have the kids work together or compete against each other in groups. The first child or group to come up with the correct culprit wins.

Kids Birthday Party Idea

The party activities will be the most memorable part of the event. Carefully plan your activities to coincide with the age group that you are working with. Simple games like pin the Tail on the Donkey and Duck, Duck, Goose are real crowd pleasers for young children. For older kids, you may need a more intricate activity, such as a scavenger hunt, or a craft activity like painting your own flower pots for a garden party or making crowns for a princess theme. Take the time to set up your home appropriately for these events. Lay tablecloths or tarps down over craft areas. Pick up rocks and branches in the yard that kids can trip over playing outdoor games. Pre-teens may shy away from pre-planned activities. For this age, it’s often easiest to rent some movies, provide snack food and let the children just hang out.

Kids Birthday Party Themes

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