Camping Birthday Party

By | April 1, 2014

Camping birthday party can be very interesting and exciting especially for kids since it may be a very new concept for them and they may feel exuberant from this party idea. Various ideas are available such as outdoor camping, indoor camping, as well as house backyard camping.

Camping Birthday Party

A kids’ camping party is an outdoors variation on the traditional sleepover. This type of party is ideal for experiencing the fun of camping without venturing too far from home. Camping parties are best for children who are not afraid of the dark, usually around age 7 or older. Supplies will include tents, sleeping bags and flashlights, and activities can be inexpensive, using nature as the focus.

Camping Birthday Party Ideas

Even in the backyard, a successful campout needs campfire food. Roast hot dogs on sticks over an open flame for the main course. Campfire desserts are fun to make and fun to eat. S’mores, made with chocolate, toasted marshmallows and graham crackers, are a perennial favourite of camping kids. Modify the recipe to include a slice of banana or a bit of peanut butter to add a new flavour to this old favourite. Create pineapple upside-down cakes from sliced cake doughnuts, pineapple slices, butter and brown sugar. Make a doughnut sandwich with these ingredients and wrap it in tin foil. Place the wrapped dessert near hot coals to warm up before eating.

Camping Party Decorations

Moreover you may also create fun from the setting up through a contest. Divide children into teams to see who can correctly assemble their tent and other equipment first. After the sun sets, catch fireflies in glass jars. Host a flashlight treasure hunt while it is dark. Prepare for this activity by hiding small treasures and toys around the camping area. Glow-in-the-dark bugs or animals make easy-to-find treasures. Each child can wander the yard searching for these items with a flashlight. Before bedtime, gather around the campfire for scary stories.

Camping Party Supplies

Outdoor camping is not really necessary as you can also set up the camp indoor. An indoor party might be the best option for really young children, people who live in big cities or for those more comfortable with the great indoors. Decorate the house like a forest with brown butcher paper or paper bags cut into the shape of trees, and use green construction paper cut-outs or green balloons as leaves. Drape green crepe paper from tree to tree to look like vines. Bring some things from nature indoors, such as logs and twigs, stones and dried or silk leaves and scatter them around the room. Place stuffed animals around the room and use lanterns to illuminate the room.

Camping Theme Birthday Party

In addition, you can also prepare goody bags for each of the guests using a drinking canteen. Purchase inexpensive plastic water bottles and decorate the exteriors with camping-themed stickers, featuring tents, bugs, forest animals or stars. Fill the bottles with small toys and gifts, such as mini flashlights, compasses and candies. Small camping back backs are another option for party favours. Fill these with supplies the kids will need for their camping adventure, such as a first aid kit, bug spray, marshmallow roasting stick or sweatshirt.

Kids Camping Party

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