Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

By | June 4, 2014

Pirate birthday party ideas make great party for kids of different age. When organizing for this kind of party, you may need to consider about the decoration of the party, the party food and drinks, as well as the activities for the party.

Ideas for Pirate Birthday Party

A pirate motif makes for great parties. Within the broad theme of “pirates” there is almost unlimited room to express your taste. Incorporate pirate-themed food, activities and decorations into your next birthday, graduation or for-no-reason party, and watch the magic happen.

Pirate Party Ideas

Pirate party decorations can be simple or elaborate. Hang a pirate flag in the living room window or from your flagpole to shiver the timbers of arriving guests. Inexpensive pirate flags can be purchased from party supply outlets. You can also make your own reusable pirate flag–as big or small as you need–by purchasing white felt and black fabric. Cut a skull and crossbones or similarly chilling design out of the white felt and stitch it onto the black fabric. To add an authentic touch, use big, ragged stitches. Pirates made their own flags, and with a few notable exceptions such as the buccaneer-naturalist William Dampier, pirates weren’t exactly notorious for their refined natures. Interior decorations always depend on your space, audience and budget. Hang prints of antique maps of the Spanish Main and other pirate haunts. Tacked-up white sheets draping from the ceiling suggest sails billowing in the trade winds. Lanterns, brass, navigation charts, sextants and other nautical bric-a-brac add to the atmosphere.

Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas

You may consider theme-based foods, such as chicken nuggets called “gold nuggets.” Fish and chips are something that every pirate can relate to after time at sea so make sure that they are included. Cook some chicken drumsticks or wings in order to serve the guests some parrot legs. For candy treats, place multicolored jelly beans into a small bowl or treasure box to be rubies and pearls. Pirates love their drinks so replace the wrapper around a bottle of root beer with one printed from the computer that displays a skull and warning sign.

Pirate Birthday Party

Birthday cake ideas for a pirate party are plentiful. Cut and decorate full-size rectangle cakes to look a pirate ship, ocean and beach, or treasure box complete with chocolate gold coins. Consider decorating circular cakes to look like a giant gold coin or cut and decorated it to resemble a skull. For a twist, bake smaller loaf cakes so that everyone gets their own. Cut it in half and then cut a small hole in the bottom section to insert a chocolate gold coin. Decorate the small cake to look a treasure chest and scribe on the cake the child’s name.

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Entertain the children with a treasure hunt. Hiding various small objects around the house — such as chocolate coins and candy — allow for an activity as well as providing the loot bag for the children to take home. The children can find the treasure and bring to a central location where it is to be distributed equally among the children. If colored stickers are available, consider placing one on the eye patch the child has and use the same color sticker on the treasure they are to find. This allows extra fun time as not every item found can be used. This method also allows smaller children to find the items in more open spaces and older children to understand not to collect them.

Pirate Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

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