Pool Birthday Party Ideas

By | June 18, 2014

Pool birthday party ideas are an excellent choice for celebrating kids’ or even the adults’ birthday. Various ideas are available and you may incorporate your own creative ideas into making it a unique celebration. Some considerations that you may consider include the decorations, activities, food as well as the theme of the party.

Teen Pool Party Ideas

Planning a pool party is a fun way to celebrate the summer with a gathering of your closest friends and family. Regardless of whether the pool party is to celebrate a birthday or holiday, or it’s just an excuse to have a get-together, your pool party will be a big hit if you put some thought into how to make it special. Incorporate your theme when deciding to send out invitations, and don’t forget to supply guests with disposable cameras so they can capture their own memories from your pool party extravaganza.

Birthday Party Ideas Pool Party

What better way to celebrate the summer than with a beach party luau beside the pool in your own back yard? Planning a beach party luau is a great way to spice up a regular pool party, and also gives you the excuse to create a special menu for your guests to enjoy. Use beach umbrellas to decorate around the pool area, and dress up tables with Hawaiian leis for your guests to wear. Use grass skirts to dress up the edges of tables, and serve frozen drinks with paper umbrellas to put your guests more in the mood of the party. Decorate the pool itself using Hawaiian themed inflatable toys or petals from artificial Hawaiian leis.

Kids Pool Party Ideas

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For decorating the party, you may start by using bold, popping colors throughout your decor summer is a time for bright colors and energetic attitudes, so don’t decorate with drab color schemes. Start by decorating your pool area primarily in white, which provides a clean backdrop and a stark contrast for your more colorful decorations. Shades of blue, both light and dark, provide a cool accent that complements the water. Use other colors in both your food and decorations. For example, bowls of fresh strawberries and clear glass bottles of red soda dramatically pop against the clean white table settings.

Pool Birthday Party

If you do not have a backyard swimming pool and don’t know anybody who would let you use theirs for a pool party, consider having a pool party at a hotel. Rent a couple of rooms for the night and have the young teens bring their pajamas as well for a hotel sleepover. You will need to rent at least one room for the night to be able to use the pool, so the idea is to make it into a hotel slumber party and have the young teens stay the night in the hotel. Ask the hotel manager if you can reserve the pool for a couple hours for the party, or just go use it with the other guests.

Swimming Pool Birthday Party Ideas

A great game for a pool party is the Frozen Shirt Game. The night before the party, soak a bunch of old t-shirts in water and wring them out. Fold them neatly and place them in the freezer overnight. Right before the party, take them out to defrost a tiny bit. When you’re ready for the game, hand each kid a frozen t-shirt. Tell them the game is: whoever can unfold and put on their shirt first, wins. This game is harder than it sounds and fun to watch!

Pool Birthday Party Ideas

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