Hosting Your Kid’s Birthday Party in a Budget

By | March 12, 2015

Some top tips for organising a birthday party on a budget. Ways to throw a brilliant birthday party without breaking the budget. Cutting down on costs does not need to mean cutting down on the fun and wonder of your child’s big day.


Party planning is a big industry. Businesses know how busy parents are, and they make it easy for us to buy everything we need in one spot. The plates, hats, wrapping paper and favors usually are within an aisle or two of each other at the store. It’s so tempting to just grab and go. But convenience costs money, and we sometimes forget how easy it would be to make party supplies ourselves. You probably have the craft items on hand, for instance, to draw a picture of a donkey on butcher paper, pin it to a wall, cut out tails, and then add a piece of Scotch tape to each tail as the kids take turns pinning them on.


Find a low-cost venue. Party rental venues such as local play spaces, trampoline parks, bowling alleys or arcades will do much of the work for you (blowing up balloons, putting up streamers, assembling goody bags), but they can also come with a bigger price tag. Hosting at home is likely your cheapest option unless you score a discount for planning a party on an off-day like a Sunday.



Think back to your own parties as a child. Chances are your memories are not of lavish parties. You were probably so excited about blowing out the candles that you didn’t notice (or care) if your cake was a simple sponge or an elaborate fancy affair. You remember the joy of playing games and having fun with your friends. This is what matters most so keep this in mind as you plan and keep things simple.


Next up, go DIY with dessert. Baking your own cake or cupcakes will take a little more time, but you can save big. And finally, instead of hiring a birthday entertainer, enlist any friends with interesting talents or prepare your own games and activities to match the party theme.