What to wear to your best friend’s wedding

Here at Apple Marquee hire we love weddings, the build-up and execution is something we take great pride in. We have witnessed many over the years and so have put our experience into these writings. For more wedding insight head to Apple Marquee hire who cover Surrey and all surrounding areas with wedding marquee hire services.

Your best friend since childhood will soon be tying the knot and getting married to the love of her life. Whilst your help is likely to be needed every step of the way, from dress hunting to flower arranging, and hopefully cake tasting (if you’re lucky), the one thing you won’t get any advice on is what you’re going to wear. Now if you’ve been chosen to be a bridesmaid then there’s really not very much for you to worry about, aside from ensuring that your lovely friend doesn’t insist in her diva bride mode that your dress be in a truly hideous shade.

The main thing to remember about dressing to attend a wedding is that you absolutely and categorically cannot attempt to upstage the bride in any way or form. It’s an unwritten rule when it comes to weddings. The point of it is not to make you feel or look rubbish; what you have to remember is that the wedding day is the bride’s day and her chance to get all of the attention. It’s the one day in a girl’s life that she gets to look the most beautiful so don’t ruin your best friend’s big day by turning up in an eye-wateringly tight and low-cut outfit.

A good starting point for a wedding outfit is a modest and demure look. It’s okay to wear a dress but make sure you don’t wear anything white, and whilst we’re on the subject of colour, try not to choose the brightest most eye-catching colour to wear either. The point is to blend into the crowd, whilst still looking pretty, though not as gorgeous as the bride, natch.

Choose an outfit that complements the season. If your friend is getting married in the middle of winter, you may wish to steer clear of any strappy dresses or sandals. The season can also be a big help in choosing what colour to wear too. Whilst the bride will have chosen a colour scheme for the wedding, it’s only traditional and custom for the bridal party to wear those colours. An autumnal wedding is the perfect opportunity to wear rich darker tones like purple and burgundy, whereas a spring time occasion calls for pastels.

There’s a fine balance between looking neatly groomed and presentable and looking like you’ve tried too hard to look the best. You can still look pretty and do your hair and make-up for the occasion; after all, you’re likely to feature on a lot of the photos as it’s your best friend who’s the bride. It may be worthwhile asking the bride-to-be how she’s planning to wear her hair so you can avoid copying the style she’s chosen for her big day.

If you’re still totally unsure of what to wear, you could always ask for her opinion. Although make it clear that it’s not the biggest thing on your mind and that you’d much rather be helping her plan out the biggest day of her life than discussing what you should wear to the happy event.