1st Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

By | July 15, 2011

1st Birthday Party Ideas For Boys


Shape the birthday cake as a Number 1. This theme is easy to put together, you can use any color you want, have a number one on the party invites, number one balloons and a banner to say Happy 1st Birthday, throw up some colorful decorations and your all done. If you are not sure of what theme to base your celebrations around here are a few ideas: A popular choice is also one of the simplest and most obvious – the Number One.

The proud mom and dad are sure to want to celebrate the day in style.  The milestone of your sons first birthday is a very important one, for baby but mostly for the parents.


Birthday Party Ideas For Boys


In addition, tell them to make them own costume because you will give a prize to the best costume in the party. Arrange some adventure games that will involve all super heroes in different roles, saving the world, catching bad guys and restoring justice. Ask your guests to turn up in their own super hero costume.

Every boy has a super hero. Super Heroes. You may want to use one of these ideas as your party themes. To keep them occupied and happy at parties, here are five birthday party themes that boys really love. Boys are active, there are hyperactive ones too, and who needs to be always on the go. Boys are boys, so they said.


Boys 1st Birthday


And also, it helps it to be easy clean up. It has a mat on the floor that will keep the flying food from falling on your clean floor. The high-chair mess kits are the best because it fits right in with your baby’s gender but decorates your baby’s high-chair as well.

You want a mess kit!!  First of all, the baby is going to make a mess while eating the yummy treats you have prepared.

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