Unique 1st Birthday Party Ideas

By | July 15, 2011

Unique 1st Birthday Party Ideas


Nevertheless, in making this particular birthday gathering celebration successful and unique, you’ll have to organize your own 1st special birthday party creative ideas well-in-advance and execute ones ideas relatively well. You might have a good number of ideas in your own imagination regarding how to add a giggle on your main baby’s face.  Honoring the very first birthday celebration special event of your respective son or daughter will be the event that you begin organizing quickly, following your newborn’s birth.


Unique First Birthday Ideas


You could also serve tea party type foods such as finger sandwiches, cookies, and different flavors of tea. Maybe you could encourage everyone to wear big sun hats or host in outside if the weather allows. By choosing one of those types of themes you can choose your color and decorations that go with that theme.

You can choose from several types of tea parties such as a garden tea party, and traditional teddy bear tea party, or an Alice in Wonderland tea party. This is a great theme for your baby girl, because its feminine and charming, but still a great way for mommies and babies to interact and have a great time.  Mommies and Babies Birthday Tea Party.


1st birthday unique


This chair can be used by children up to three years old. A mini-rocker has a working timer set for about 15 minutes. Once started the music plays in rhythm with the rocking and small children love it.

A musical rocking chair makes a lovely gift for a one-year old. Amongst the plethora of birthday presents available for children, a few most unique baby first Birthday gifts could be: 1.  A child’s first birthday is always a very special occasion and whoever is invited for such an occasion would always like to gift something which would be cherished by the baby as well as the parents.

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