Princess 1st Birthday Party Ideas

By | July 15, 2011

Princess 1st Birthday Party Ideas


Keep repeating this until only one person is left. Anyone who moves is out. Then stop the music and everyone has to freeze like a statues. Have your guests start moving and dancing around…

Start playing some music related to your theme. Enchanted Musical Statues Have your party guests move to the center of the room. Remember to put each child’s name on their tiara.  Cut out a picture of a princess from a coloring book, or get a princess poster, then cut out some small paper tiaras that your guests can stick on the picture…


Princess 1st Birthday


So, in order to make it fun for all of the ages that are invited and present at the party as well as your party girl, here are a few wonderful ideas to help you start on your way. So, making it fun for the “grown-up” girl is a tricky objective. But, of course, it is for her.

A “first” birthday since being on this wonderful earth and it is something to celebrate. But, it is a big milestone in her life. She is growing up and it all seems too soon. Kind of a sad one as well.  When your baby girl ends up turning one, it is a big event.


Princess Cake Ideas


Whatever your style, there is a princess cake option that will, quite literally, put the icing on the cake for your princess party. There are a lot of great options for the perfect princess birthday cake, from a Snow White princess standing cake to simple cupcake holders. Well don’t get your Cinderella princess dress all in a ruffle!

except the cake. Everything is lined up for the perfect princess birthday party… You’ve even made a selection from the princess costumes adult for you to wear to the birthday party.  You’ve got the princess Disney costumes set aside from the girls dress up costumes.

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