1st Birthday Party Ideas Hello Kitty

By | July 15, 2011

1st Birthday Party Ideas Hello KittyThen the players must all write down what it is that they think is in the bag. Have everyone take thirty seconds feeling the contents of the bag through the fabric. Then at the party give all the players a piece of paper and a pencil. Then tie the top of the pillowcase so no one can look inside.

These can be a stuffed kitty, a hair bow, cat food, a ball of yarn, etc. Before the party get a pillowcase and fill it with some Hello Kitty related items. The first Hello Kitty game is called ‘feelers’.  These two Hello Kitty party games are great for sleepover parties or just a fun Hello Kitty themed birthday party.


Hello Kitty Party Supplies


Award everyone Diamond Tennis Bracelets. The game ends after everyone has had a turn. If the blindfolded person guesses incorrectly, they he/she tries again and this time gives the pillow to a different person. If the blindfolded person guesses the right name of the person, the person who is sitting down and holding the pillow becomes “it” and the game starts again.

That person stands in the middle of the circle, hands the pillow to someone, (Make sure the person in the middle of the circle can not see through the blind fold.) and says, “Kitty, Kitty.” The person that receives the pillow then says, “Meow, Meow” (Sometimes in a disguised voice.) The person who is “it” then tries to guess who the person is. One person is given a pillow and blindfold.  For a fantastic game, play “Kitty, Kitty.” Everyone sits in a circle.


Hello Kitty  Party Ideas


The color scheme for this party theme is pink and white. Kitty is a popular cartoon character that little girls really enjoy. This is the perfect party theme for a little girl.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas need some bright pink party supplies and that includes invitations! The cake topper is so easy, all you have to do is place it on top of your homemade frosted cake. It’s not hard to do when you use cake decorating tools that make it easy. You can make your own birthday cake. Get a Hello Kitty cake mold or cake topper.

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