Birthday Love Wishes

By | July 15, 2011

Birthday Love Wishes


Keep it simple and genuine; ‘I love the way you make me laugh,’ ‘I love your smile,’ I can’t wait to spend a great birthday with you’ and you’ll get your simple and romantic message across. And most guys don’t go for over-the-top mushy romantic sentiments, especially on their birthday. A birthday is a light, fun time and it might not be the best place for your deepest, most romantic feelings.

First of all, pick a card that is not too schmaltzy.  You not only want to wish your guy a happy birthday, but you want to include a nice, sweet romantic note, too.


Special Birthday Love


Profess your deepest feelings and let your beloved know that your love persists beyond everything else with this moving verse and others like it. What better way to share the depths of your enduring love, than to let the words of this specially created birthday love poem speak for you? When it sees, our trust and hope, It climbs and conquers any slope.  My love for you, lives by the truth, Always keeps me in my youth.


A Birthday Wish With Love


Your friend or loved one will feel like the birthday kid again when the whole day becomes an occasion for celebration. And here’s a sweet and fun idea: gather a handful of rhyming birthday wishes, and send them as text messages throughout the day. What a wonderful way to send a greeting of love and encouragement.  I wish you everything your dreams create, Your imagination is truly great.

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