Selena Gomez Birthday Supplies

By | July 16, 2011

Selena Gomez Birthday Supplies


If they want to celebrate a birthday, or a “girls night in” sleepover, or getting all A’s– it’s Bieber fever that will bring in the right party ambience that will make them and “You Smile”–like his song says! Yes indeed, the princess party is so passé to most 7 -11 year old tweens. “Never say Never” as the golden star would say, to gathering together the necessary party stuff to plan a great get together with this newest boy sensation as a central theme.

With 6 G speed, it’s the hottest party in town–the Justin Bieber theme party.


Selena Gomez Wizards


Before starring in the Wizards of Waverly Place show, Selena Gomez starred as an extra in various other television programs, Barney & Friends being one of the more popular ones. Miley Cyrus and now Selena Gomez whose popularity has increased ever since she first starred as the main character in the Disney TV Show, Wizards of Waverly Place.  Disney seems to be one of the biggest stars factories when it comes to children, or shall I say teens!


selena gomez birthday


There should also be good light equipment to brighten the venue. For example, a turntable, a sound mixer, speakers, amplifiers, a headphone, a microphone and a laptop is a must. There is a list of basic equipment that needs to be there. A good DJ will have the best DJ equipment in town.

There needs to be good equipment if it has to be successful. But, you need to think what goes behind a good DJ night. You can be relieved from all the tension with the few hours you spend at a DJ night. This is a place we get to dance and get rid of all the stress. Nobody wants to miss the fun out at a DJ night.

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