21st Birthday Quotes

By | July 16, 2011

21st Birthday Quotes


Needless to say, reaching the 21 threshold simply represents absolute freedom and endless opportunities, therefore, 21st birthdays should always be celebrated appropriately. Since it is a special occasion, it also warrants that birthday presents be special as well. Now, this can be something very tricky. For a gift to be considered special and valued, it should be something that is appropriate to the recipient. This may sound really hard especially if you are working on a tight budget.


21st Birthday Poems


It’s always so important to make an effort for this time, You deserve the best you deserve the most I’m so glad that you are mine I can get you many presents but they will never say, How much you mean to me on this special day! With each birthday that passes, you mean so much to me, I am so grateful for those things you do that you think may go unseen. You mean the world to me and I wish I could just show, How good you make me fell I’m sure you’ll never know.

On your birthday sweetheart, on this special day for you, I promise to make it unforgettable and loving for you too.


21st Birthday Ideas


If you do have it at home, include a big projector screening the last 21 years of your life in a mixture of movies and photos that will run continuously through the night and remove anything you don’t wish to be damaged and lock doors that should be kept shut. If you do hire a hall or a club room, you must make sure there are toilets.  21st Birthday parties can be pretty cheap especially if you host it home in your back garden.

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