21st Birthday Quotes and Sayings

By | July 16, 2011

21st Birthday Quotes and Sayings


This is because the words give much more mental comfort to the recipient and convey sender’s feelings through it. Normally, people send birthday cards to friends and relatives to congratulate them on the special day, but the communication inside the card gives more pleasure to the recipients than the show of the card.  Birthday words have more value than mere presentations and gifts for the birthday function.


21st Birthday Sayings


Historically this occurred on your 21st birthday, although this was replaced a few decades ago by the less popular or celebrated 18th birthday; the time when you are suddenly permitted legally to do all sorts of things. But there is one very true expression – ‘the world’s your oyster’ which is frequently heard when society officially considers you do be all grown up and a real adult.  We are all familiar with those little sayings that go back years, like ‘look before you leap’ and ‘pride comes before a fall’, and most of us take no notice of their message or warning.


21st Birthday Quotes


One of the most fun solutions is to theme your party around what was happening 21 years ago. Fortunately there are many ways to mark the event whatever your tastes or your budget.  A 21st birthday party is a truly special occasion, and there’s plenty of pressures to not only choose appropriate 21st birthday gifts, but to come up with creative themes to celebrate the big day.

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