Birthday Quotes for Friends

By | July 17, 2011

Birthday Quotes for Friends


Better friends. Better house. Better clothes.

We hope for the world to understand us better. We hope for better quality time with our partners. We hope to get a better bank balance. We hope to get a better job. We believe our birthday marks the advent of a golden year ahead.

Birthdays give hope. Something better still. But we wish for something better. Life right now might be going good, or might be bad.

Each year when we blow out the candles on our birthday cake, we wish for a better life.


Birthday Friendship Quote


Many times simple things in life give us immense joy. There is much joy in watching the sun setting or seeing ripples created in a pond, during monsoon. The symphony of Beethoven and counting a flock of home bound birds is much ignored by today’s generation. Ready to eat meals, high speed lifestyle, modern gizmos all make quality time less for an individual.

In this age of innovation, human values are slowly getting replaced with fleeting opportunities.


friend birthday poems


They help you say a lot in just a few lines, and your friends will remember your cute message for many years to come. Rhyming poems have this magic with words. Sometimes nothing can be more humorous and fun than silly poems about friends.

As much as birthday presents are a great part of a birthday, you can still use something else to make your gift more special and memorable: short funny birthday poems. You know how everyone brings a present to their friend’s birthday.  Why funny birthday poems for friends and family?

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