18 Birthday Quotes for Friends

By | July 17, 2011

18 Birthday Quotes for Friends


A gift of poetry would enhance your spoken greeting and may give you constructive and creative words that you might not even think about using otherwise.  As the invitee to a birthday bash or party, you naturally want to express your feelings; however if you feel that you need to say something unique, something which millions of people before you haven’t already said, then referring to ‘a gift of poetry’ will help you.


18th Birthday Quotes


A debut is considered to be a very big event or milestone in a girl’s life that’s why most people would surely raise their eyebrows if they receive an invitation for a formal debut through a simple and casual e-mail. Most people expect a lot more than just an e-mailed birthday invitation from debutantes.  Sending 18th party invitations through e-mail is perhaps the least preferred method of debutantes because of the lack of impact and attractiveness.


18th Birthday Sayings


It is an invite to people who matter a lot in life, to convey to them, how important their presence is in the life of the person throwing the party. Hence the birthday invitation carries lot of weight and importance. While birthdays are a time to celebrate, it is also the time to reflect on the past and think of the future.  The 18th birthday has a significant place in the life of all individuals .It is a time when an individual prepares to step into adulthood.

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