Cute I Miss You Poems

By | July 17, 2011

Cute I Miss You Poems


That is good to improve your relationship quality, because I think romantic man is so few. She will appreciate you as a romantic man. Especially when you are a man, your girlfriend will be very happy to read your poems. And maybe love poems is a great idea to give as a gift to your lover.

So, just take a paper and write it with all your heart. Love is too beauty to save it only in our heart, and too hard to show it to other people. If you are romantic person, sure you do.  Have you ever wrote love poems?


Miss You Poetry


No words can explain my feelings for you time spent with you is so fresh and so new I want to move forward with you in my life If I was for marriage, I’d want you as my wife I cherish the passion we share for each other Never would I leave you into the arms of another Feeling you next to me is immaculate conception Let’s just be done with all the lies and deception I’m sorry I lied before; I don’t want to lose you Keep me in your heart and I’ll always be True Put your trust in me and I will prove myself worthy Boobee please don’t up and leave me all in a hurry


Cute Love Poems


There are a million ways to express it and even a million ways to convert it into a one short cute love poem. A love poem doesn’t need the word “love” just so you can call it a love poem. Mention something about her eyes, her smile and her eternal love for peanut butte perhaps. Of course, “I love you” would probably top the list, but this time, make it a little different and add some tweak on it.

Making a short cute love poem is pretty simple: think of your girl and come up with a liner that you would tell every single day.

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