Short I Miss You Poems I Love You

By | July 17, 2011

Short I Miss You Poems I Love You


The saddest thing, It’s hard to say, Is seeing you on Your last day. Now they are pure. For you have touched them. Yes, of that I am sure.

There won’t be weeds. I know they will grow Without any weeds. I’m happy for you To plant more seeds. Each day I’ll remember What you taught me before. It will grow and grow, As I learn more and more.

“What seeds”, you are asking “Why can’t I see?” But you have already Planted one in me. Though I’ll miss you, I know indeed You’ll do great out there Planting new seeds. I can’t bear to watch you Walk out of that door. You helped me understand Things I couldn’t before.

I take it for granted, Though I see you a lot, Just how much you do And your kind thought.  The saddest thing It’s hard to say Is seeing you on Your last day.


Romantic Love Poems


It is a flow of literature, expressive words with some sentimental moves that run within your heart. It does not require talent right from birth it’s just a work of love feelings that will make your hand running with a pen on a paper. The ancient literature shows that love poems are the finest way to express or share feeling for other individuals. Only exceptions will be the devil’s mind.

Love is the most wonderful touch on the earth that keeps people unite and create the feeling of brotherhood amongst all to live peacefully.


I love you poems


There are many songs on the radio today that portray love and loss, so why not send her an I miss you poem? The influence still shows in the popular love songs of the modern age. The great poets Shelley and Keats were famed for their romantic outpourings.

There are various methods to show how you feel and ‘I Love You Poems’ are one such method.  We men are not always prone to displaying our less masculine traits in public although we can be very romantic, at times.

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