Love I Miss You Poems

By | July 17, 2011

Love I Miss You Poems


Once this happens, we sometimes see simple things such as dropping simple notes and words of affection as a bit trivial. We tend to have tunnel vision and become out of touch when we are faced with serious problems with our personal relationships. When you are wracking your brains out in trying to win back the love of your life, an “I miss you poems – win your ex back” approach can probably save your relationship.  Words can indeed launch a thousand ships.

I Love You, Miss You

The tall trees need deep roots and branches to bloom and to bear fruits, While the whole land receives and nurtures the life it essentially contains. Those splintered cracks of deep roots trying to hide inside the soils. When the seeds germinate, they always throw out a few anchor roots. It is a new life running time when the cold snow irreversible recedes, And a new spring embraces the deep mysteries of the magical fertility.

The germination fundamentally changes them in the earth’s maternity.  The cold winter can not destroy the miraculous invincible seeds.

Miss U Love Poems

I do not know where! I am alien here, I am alien there, Do i belong? Years have gone but i do not know how, Home to me is no where now. Death of a grandmother Child birth of a friend Engagement of a sister Marriage of a cousin everything is just another phone call to me.

Other than that there is nothing to boost, Everyday goes fighting loneliness ghost! Agreed that my life has changed, Great is my job that keeps me engaged! How can i explain, its real real hard! you are settled abroad.  Everybody says wow!

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