I miss you poems that rhyme

By | July 17, 2011

I miss you poems that rhyme


They are fun and they keep the child interested. This is why many early reading books use rhyme, rhythm and repetition. They also begin to recognise the beat or the rhythm of the poem or song, which is useful in developing musicality. As you read or speak rhymes to them they soon begin to anticipate these rhyming words.

Even very young children can identify words with similar endings. Early rhymes and songs help children see that language has patterns.  Rhythm and rhyme.


Short Rhyming Poems


Here, I can’t help but to remind you that one legend you can write a day without asking permission is your own legend! Throughout history, some took this privilege without asking permission, at least, I ask you today! After all, Legend can be written every day.

I challenge you to another interpretation of his romantic saying above.

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