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By | September 29, 2011

Printable Greeting CardsPrintable Greeting Cards

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Due to the advancement in our technology, gone are those days that you have run to the local bookstore and pick up pre-designed birthday cards. Nowadays, you can create, print and send your own greeting card. You just need a reliable printer and a paper to print the card. This kind of greeting card is known as printable birthday cards.

Templates and Layout for Birthday Greetings

Printable birthday card makers come with software that allows you to modify the template and layout suitable for the card. The standard size of the paper used for most cards is 8 ½ inches by 11 inches. For card templates, you may choose whether four-folds, two-folds, landscape or portrait.

The software also enables the user to modify the card layout. You can customize the fonts and designs. You can choose from different size, style and alignment. With this card making software, you will be able to make a birthday card with intricate designs. You can even add pictures on the card and modify them the way you want them to be. You can change their sizes and orientations.

Choosing The Right Themes

You can also choose different themes for your printable birthday card. This will allow you to choose the theme that is most suitable for the recipient. For example, if the celebrant is a kid then you may consider choosing cartoon-themed cards. Surely, your recipient will appreciate this kind of card. On the other hand, if your recipient is a significant other or a friend then you may consider choosing a theme which entices his/her interest. For an instance, if the recipient likes football then a football-themed birthday card can be a good option.

Additional Tools and Features

Some websites that offer printable birthday greeting cards have tools that can help you create different lines, shapes and freehand drawing for the greeting card. These tools allow you to flexibly create different designs for your birthday greeting card.

Printing Tools

To be able to create a printable birthday card, you have to acquire a reliable printer. This would not be a problem since most of the modern printers are capable of printing colorful images. Some may even allow printing photo-realistic images.

If you are looking for modern and stylish greeting card for the birthday celebrant then consider using printable cards. The recipient will surely appreciate the greetings that you have personally created and customized.

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