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By | September 29, 2011

American Greeting CardsAmerican Greeting Cards

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In the age of cellular phones and emails, communicating with the people we value takes just a few presses on the keys and clicks of the mouse. However, there are times that sending a card still makes a difference to the person who will receive the message.

Here are the most common reasons why people send American greeting cards.

* Christmas

With Christianity being the dominant religion in the United States, Christmas is still one of the most celebrated holidays in the country. This holiday is a time for family and friends to reconnect with one another. Christmas cards are sent along with gifts during this occasion.

* Birthdays

To let a person know that you remember his or her birthday, sending a birthday card is one of the best things to do. Although a call or an email may contain the same message, sending a handwritten message is still heartwarming.

* Celebratory events

Weddings, graduations, job promotion – these events call for a celebration. And in order to convey how happy you are for someone who has achieved something important, an American greeting card is a way to show that you rejoice with him or her.

* Missing someone

For people who are in distant locations, there are various tools that will make them feel closer with one another. Aside from email, SMS and calls, they can also take advantage of communication programs that facilitate video chatting and calling. That way, they can talk and see each other.

However, these forms of digital communication can only do so much. If you really wanted something tangible that your family or friends can hold on to, a greeting card still does the job well. Send it with a personal dedication and surely, they will appreciate it even more.

* Sympathy and encouragement

Sometimes, there are things that are better left unsaid. Expression of sympathy is usually better expressed with a hug. However, if you really would like to send a message of sympathy and encouragement to go on with life, this is better done in silence – through a card.

* Thank you

Showing appreciation for someone’s efforts, kind words or gifts may be reciprocated with a simple “thank you.” Telling this through a card makes the other person feel that you appreciate his or her deed so much that you took time to send a card.

Although computer and cellphones reduced the use of paper and greeting cards, there are still situations in which the traditional greeting cards still fit in. In fact, sometimes, messages expressed through greeting cards seem sweeter.

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