Birthday Party Games For Kids

By | October 21, 2011

The Clothes Horse – This game is best played in winters and outdoors. For this game you need lots of old sweaters and jackets. Divide the children into two teams, A and B. Divide them again into two parts. Send the first half of Teams A and B to the other end of the garden (or hall) and stack the clothes away from everyone. Now, when you say go, one child from each team comes from one end and dresses up in as much clothes as he can and then runs to the other half of their team. They then take off all the extra sweaters which is worn by the member of their team (who may add more sweaters if he can) and runs across the room to the other half of his team. the team which pulls of the most sweaters first wins

Birthday Party Games

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Make Your Own Pizza- Which, strictly speaking is not really a game but is enjoyed by kids of all ages. You will need an oven or a microwave for this one. Spread out all the ingredients of pizza on the table, like cheese, capsicum, onions, olives, minced meat, sausages and tomato ketchup along with any other topping you can think of. Let the kids go one by one, taking a pizza base and adding the ingredients to their pizza just how they like it. Doing it personally is fun when they are all together and it somehow seems to make it taste better than the usual pizza.

Kids Birthday Party Games

Kids Birthday Party Games Indoor

Kid Birthday Party Games

For outdoor birthday party games for kids, the children can play ‘The Octopus’. One child will act as the octopus and he or she is supposed to chase the other kids who are ‘The Sea Life’. Once tagged, ‘The Sea Life’ becomes the ‘Octopus’s Tentacle’. They should help the octopus to tag others. To make the game last for a while, once ‘The Tentacle’ has tagged another child, ‘it’ becomes sea life again. Whatever game you have in mind, ensure that it is safe, constructive and something to look forward to for the next occasion.

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