1st Birthday Ideas Checklist

By | October 24, 2011

We’ve prepare you a 1st birthday ideas checklist for you to celebrating your children 1st birthday. Having trouble thinking of 1st birthday ideas? As it is such an important birthday and you don’t get a second chance at the 1st birthday cakes or the photos and special memories it is a good idea to follow a 1st birthday checklist.

1st Birthday Party Ideas

Princess 1st Birthday Ideas

It seems mad as your baby will not remember this party but when you look back at all the photos and share your memories with them they will know it as well as you – sometimes better!

1st Birthday Ideas

Baby 1st Birthday Ideas

You can come up with plenty of ideas for your child’s 1st birthday party; theme parties are extremely popular today so you can select a theme based on your little one’s favorite cartoon character. You can get all kinds of kids party supplies to match the theme that you choose right from edible cake images and cupcake decorations to plates and cups and décor. You can organize games like pinning the donkey, passing the parcel and blind man’s buff. You can even have a session of opening gifts but you could leave that for when your child gets a little older.

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