Froggy Frog Birthday Party Ideas

By | December 9, 2015

A hopping good time will be had when you celebrate with our Froggy Frog birthday party theme! This smiling, pink-cheeked frog sits atop a lily pad in front of a whimsical green and white background.


For invitation card, first glue large googly eyes onto the front of plain green note cards to look like frog’s eyes. Decorate the invitations to look like lily pads.  Embellish with frog stickers. On the inside of the invitation write something like:  “Hop on over to our lily pad for Jayden’s birthday party!”


Yellow accents keep the matching invitations, favors and tableware gender-neutral enough to work for boys or girls, so any amphibian-loving guest can be celebrated in style. Make your celebration one big, “hoppy” event with our Froggy Frog birthday party theme!


For food favors, do some Green Jell-O Jigglers and cut them into frog shapes.

Bug juice – Freeze ice cubes in an ice cube tray and add one or two raisins to each ice cube before freezing.  Pop them out and into glasses just before serving.  The raisins look like bugs.   Let the kids decorate cupcakes or cookies with green and blue frosting.


Make frogs in a pond. Put a scoop of lime sherbet into a cup and add clear soda. The sherbet will float to the top, and look like a frogs head peeking out of the water. Add two mini marshmallow or chocolate chips for eyes. Serve each one with a spoon.



To make a lily pad birthday cake, bake any size round cake. After the cake has cooled, cut a small “v” shape out of the top so that the cake looks like a lily pad. Frost the cake with green frosting, and use a darker green decorator icing to make the veins of a leaf. Top the cake with a plastic frog.